Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New patch Ally is FTW

Loco Chocos NEW SNACK

With the final touches added and a quick and catchy slogan I was able to create Loco Chocos! A chocolaty snack that no diet can resist! Muhahahahaha I'm evil~~~

Box Creation

I looked at possibilities for boxes to use after which I decided to go with the pizza pocket box idea. I also used the pizza pop pouch design in order to create a chocolaty snack for people on the go. The pizza pop and drink were both shot and modified in Photoshop.

Loco The Cow

Once I put the color layer on top of the original vector image I was able to give birth to Loco the cow!

Color Layer

I then created a separate layer specifically for the color I decided to add to my image which I applied shades and lights to. By doing so I was able to get a 3D effect to my mascot.

Loco Chocos

One day I started having thoughts about mad cow disease and how cows who have it would act. So I decided to draw a retarded cow and I liked it so much I scanned it and retraced it on computer. I then decided it would be a great mascot for a cereal product or something so I decided to make a pastry called Loco Chocos.

Cordon Bleu Logo

Cordon Bleu Cooking Club

So I tried to play the Haruhi Suzumiya role and create my own club but for some reason it didn't work out. Something about too many potential explosions and health hazards students chopping their friends up and so on.

O.I. Wave~


Personal Fantasy

Color Chart

This color chart may look simple but it took me three whole weeks to complete because of all the math involved. The idea is the transition from one pure color to another along the top are tints and towards the bottom are shades. In the middle it's all 50% neutral grey that separates the colors.



Try seeing where the light comes from


A play on prespective


Jar of Souls


ArE YoU hIGh??!?!


Blood and Honor

Dog lovers enjoy~


She's a strange idea that's been dwelling deep inside my subconscious Biologically amplified at birth she is the ultimate manipulator of emotion and instinctual drive.

Yay done!

はいはいできました~ Woot Woot!! finally done
all is well that ends well and I hope you guys enjoy it ^-^

Some Color

Here I decided to add some color and get an idea of what colors I would be using. I added a bit of outline just to prepare myself mentally for the actual thing phew~

...took a lot of tedious coloring -.-;;

Rough Snowboard

So I decided to create an Art Snowboard and express my loli fetish in the process XD